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Concrete floating platforms is our (the only one in Poland) innovative solution.

Heavy-duty concrete floating platforms are the domain of our company which was the first in Poland to produce them since June 2012.

Thanks to the work of our engineers we have developed a system of quality and functionality previously unavailable anywhere else in the world. Because of the quality, price and innovation of our products, there are no better alternatives for new investments or expansion of existing ones. With the current plant capacity, we are able to serve the Polish market in terms of demand for floating platforms.

Concrete platforms are made in two versions:
– Basic – dedicated to all applications for inland fresh water.
– Offshore – suitable for marine conditions.

Heavy-duty concrete platforms are fully water resistant. The structure is additionally reinforced and all the steel elements are made of stainless steel. We produce the product using a special blend of concrete class C45, which gives an additional guarantee for the durability of the product using an approved, crushed aggregate. The platform has five concrete bulkhead walls that stand out with great rigidity and resistance to ice compression up to 10 000 Pa.

To build our platforms, we use only waterproof styrofoam made by Termoorganika company of water absorption of less than 2%, designed for immersion in water. By using this solution, it guarantees that there is no reduction of “freeboard” after many seasons of use.

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Concrete platforms are able to move freely and combine in any configuration even if the client was not thinking about the reconstruction at the moment of purchase. There is a possibility to translate barriers, belay and ladders to any place on the platform without having to worry about the holes left.

Heavy-duty concrete platforms come in standard with a quick mounting rail surrounding the entire edge of the platform, so that they can be combined together not only along, but also sideways, which is an incredible innovation in the Polish market. Because the platforms are compatible with most existing systems, they find their purpose in expansion of the harbor as well as breeding orchards.

It is possible to build a light house on the surface of concrete platforms without ordering special parts. Simply fasten the elements to create a rigid platform used as the basis.

Platforms are equipped with covered channels. Access to the system is particularly important in the case of failure of pipelines, which due to frosty climate, it is fairly common when the investor does not empty the pipeline before the winter season or don’t do it properly.

Heavy-duty platforms are resistant to damage caused by the forces of nature and easy to use thanks to our engineers who, by observing the problems of existing floating docks, have developed systems that completely eliminate the drawbacks of existing solutions.

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In the platforms, we used a patented rubber connectors so that it’s possible to connect the platforms without the gap between them, required in other solutions. In cases of extreme weather, such as storm or squall, the connector provides a secure connection of platforms.

Connectors are made of material resistant to aging and UV radiation, are non-flammable and impossible to destroy by all the hand tools.

The concrete platforms are made with using innovative solutions which will not let any damage occur, even during sudden weather events. In case of a critical force, the connectors are broken, thus protecting concrete structure before permanent damage. The system shall provide adequate emergency destruction order for the link, protecting the platform even after the connectors are destroyed.

The platform has a ballast chamber which is filled with any load and covered with a concrete slab chamber. The floating structure is not resistant to tipping. Sometimes, after installing the equipment on the platform (guide, pedestals, ladder rescue, etc.) it does not float horizontally.

Anchoring platforms occurs using anchor chain melted at the bottom of the basin. Anchors developed by our design, are chosen according to the existing conditions of the substrate body of water, depending on the hardness of the bottom of the tank or its inclination. The platform is adapted for anchoring systems using flexible lines SeaFlex.

Concrete platforms are equipped with suitable eyebolts allowing for easy transportation without the need for a crane sling belt. This is particularly important in the case of necessity to remove the platform from the water.

All of our concrete platforms are provided with a year warranty service under the condition of regular inspections.

Trans-Żwir company also manufactures concrete floats for the wooden platforms floating systems.

Installation of heavy-duty concrete platforms is performed by Polish companies with many years of experience in the industry:

„Marine System” from Gdańsk –
„DEKAR” z Lublina –

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With this collaboration we are able to carry out even the most demanding project.

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