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We offer a wide range of applications for road aggregates and concrete, guaranteeing the highest quality of workmanship and compliance with Polish standards. In sales:

Commodity concrete

Commodity concrete is made of coarse aggregate, sand, cement, water and mineral additives or chemical additives. It’s used in manufacturing building components and simple objects, such as foundations, walls, columns, ceilings, stairs and more. We offer concrete in several strength classes:

B-5; B-7,5; B-10 (C8/10); B-15 (C12/15); B-20 (C16/20); B-25 (C20/25); B-30 (C25/30); B-37 (C30/37); B-40


Aggregates are produced by the fragmentation of materials obtained in our mines. They are used in mixes for the substructure and semi-rigid surfacec made of lean concrete, in frost-resistant and water-pulling layers. We offer aggregates in several categories:

Thick crushed

(crushed gravel) 2-6,3; 6,3-12,5, 12.5-20, 12.5-25, 12,5-31,5
(crushed gravel): 2-5,6, 2-8; 5:6-8; 8-11,2, 8-16; 11,2-16; 16-22,4
(grits): 2-5,6, 2-8; 5:6-8; 8-11,2, 8-16; 11,2-16; 16-22,4

Thick natural

(gravel): 0-4, 1-3, 2-8, 2-16, 8-16, 16-31,5

Fine crushed

(crushed sand) 0-2

Fine natural

(sand) 0-2

Aggregate mixes

Our blends consist of crushed and natural aggregates.

Natural: 0-16; 0-31,5, 0-63

Crushed: 0-31,5; 2-31,5, 0-63

Road stabilizations

Road stabilizations are materials used in support of the road surface. They are used for leveling loads, resulting from road traffic, by contact with the ground.

Rm 1.5 MPa, 2.5 MPa

Crushed stone

Crushed stone is a natural crushed aggregate characterized by a rough surface, used for the production of concrete, roads and railways.


Stone dust

Stone dust is a crushed stone aggregate, with a grain size of 0.16 to 6 mm.


Banking material

Gravel Mix

Gravel mix is a mineral soil similar to sand or gravel, used as a foundation or as a filtration layer for road embankments.

Our modern hub for the production of concrete provides computer batching of ingredients and print delivery note.
Each delivery includes declaration of conformity.
We have our own transportation, including mixers and concrete pumps.
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